Games people play!

Often an evening at KBD can be a time travel experience around the world albeit seated comfortably in your easy chairs or around a warm fire. As we showcase Khanabadosh to the world, we also like to bring the world to Khanabadosh. Many a story lies buried in the memorabilia and souveniers that adorn the KBD chambers like ancient secrets in a crypt waiting to be discovered. Amongst the glorious cross bottles and teapots that exuded warmth and shy vintage cameras and know-all books and wise old jamawars lies a quaint little awkward wooden box with little egg like depressions. Not much to look at in passing, but in reality a treasure.
This is the intriguing Mancala, probably the oldest game ever invented in the world. Hstorians and archeologists believe that Mancala was played in Jordan in 6000 BC, though more recent evidence says the game was popular in Roman bathhouses in 2nd Century AD and in ancient Egypt in the 7th century. It was a strategy based family game played by everyone using beads or seeds. Two or four people could have a fun evening playing it.
Often my guests and I enjoy our historical journey marvelling at evolution and how some aspects of human lives never change, but just endure, held together by beautiful and simple rituals like playing a board game at home. This modern piece of history was bought from a little treasure trove in Hanoi, where the old granny with a toothless smile was playing Mancala with her grandson. After some delightfully strong Caphe and a lovely story, I had my very own share of history with me. This would proudly join the collection of old traditional games that we collected and encouraged our guests to try out. Dont forget to try it when you visit Khanabadosh!
Have a great one folks and lets all keep seeking stories to discover and share.