The full moon!

This is from day before. We were still reeling from the shock of losing those very dear to us. And like the little village of Purani Koti where we lived, we went to bed early. Overcast skies and gusty bone chilling winds pierced the night scape. Shimla had just been designated as an orange zone with a few cases of the Corona virus being reported. It was on a melancholic note that we turned in for the night and the power outage didnt help either. Two hours into my slumber and I woke up to a warm touch. There was noone in my room. The wind no longer howled and everything seemed calm and at peace. The room was swathed in a glow of ambient light. I went to the window ans saw that the skies had parted and the entire village was aglow. The protagonist in this sound and light show was right there up in the sky in all his glory. Distant, haunting, cold was what I had always thought of the moon. But tonight he seemed comforting, warm and a symbol of hope – all that I had felt in the touch that gently woke me. In all his splendor on the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha the eternal symbol of love and peace. Its true the it was man vs nature that had brought this tragedy upon us but hereon it was going to be a true partnership and nature had already sent its celestial representative in all his finery. But before I shook hands and signed the deal, a glass of midnight merlot was perfectly in order. Stay safe everyone and have a wonderful weekend.