The Rules

It’s a home. Not a jail. And yet…it’s a home. Please stay like you’d stay at yours…mindful of the sensitivities of other guests and your host.

Adhering to the checkout time will be of great help to us, especially if we have a reservation for the same room that day. However, if there’s no such urgency…the timings will be relaxed, without your saying so.
You won’t find any ‘No-Smoking’ signs at Khanabadosh. As you alone, are in charge of your lungs. So light up, if you must…just don’t light us up.

As mentioned, we are a green-loving joint. Please join us in our endeavour to save electricity, recycle water and produce compost. You’ll find duly colour-coded waste receptacles all over Khanabadosh. Please help us in keeping the waste suitably segregated. Incidentally, did you know that it isn’t just the kitchen/ vegetable waste that goes into a compost pit. Cardboard, newspaper, clean paper; coffee grounds & filters, corncobs, eggshells and nut-shells; cotton and wool rags, dryer and vacuum lint; flowers, leaves, plants, pine needles, vegetables and fruits; sawdust, wood chips, grass and yard trimmings; teabags; AND even hay & straw are merry compostables. So now you know…please abide/ take a pledge and oblige.