Changing times!

Times were definitely changing. My new found peace and freedom would take some getting used to. Given the constant threat of the mountain weather I didn’t have the luxury to build my cosy abode ensconced in the apple trees branches and soend my days basking in the glorious sunshine. I was always eeeking hidden nooks and crannies away from the masters eagle eye, as it wasnt acceptable for guests to see us lounging around in their rooms. Of particular concern was my nemesis Bruce Lee. Many of my cousins had perished at the hands of this curious little terminator. I forgave his misadventures and conquests against my kind as misdirected youthful aggression borne of curiosity. But the last few months had been a revelation. The master never left home and there had been no guests for quite sometime now. There was a strange melancholic calm all around. No one noticed me anymore. I decided to push the envelope and built my home on the balcony rails, bang on the show window. A room with a view and then some!
It was at tea time when she came and sat down in the balcony along with her omnipresent goldens. Bruce Lee noticed me straight away and what ensued were the most terrifying 5 minutes of my life. I could have listened to my inner instinct and scurried off on the wall to a safe altitude but chose to stand my ground. I held his stare and after 5 minutes or so he just wagged his tail and sat down. The master too looked at me. She was always kind I knew that. Times were hard in the human world. People were falling sick and were all staying at home and praying for better times. Life was indeed precious. And at Khanabadosh no life was too trivial or small, peace and harmony prevailed amongst all creatures great and small. I did think about my next move to the living room but that would be pushing it. For now I am swaying happily in my web hoping for better times for the humans.