Day One
Have another slice of generously buttered toast, you will need some extra energy for exploring Mashobra! Stop at the Mashobra Market for some tea and walk around Gables Estate, it is stunning any time of year but the crunch of fall leaves underfoot and the brilliant foliage overhead are exhilarating. Take a tour of the Reserve Forest Sanctuary. The views and landscape are just as breathtaking as the fresh apple juice that you can sample a short walk away. No visit to Mashobra is complete without visiting Craignano. Water source to the entire area, it is a photographer’s delight. Head back to Khanabadosh for a yummy dinner and a star spangled sky.

Day Two
Horseback riding on a crisp fall morning is as good as it gets. Head to Naldehra for this. Horses here are aplenty, and if you are an experienced rider, they will allow you to take the horses out for a ride unattended. Warm up after your ride with lunch at one of the small eateries in Naldehra. They may not be fancy, but boy! can they cook!! A round or two at the spectacular Naldehra golf course is definitely on the cards today, and will be a particular treat in Autumn when the colours in nature run wild. Naldehra is a lovely mature course and will inspire your game with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. 18 holes should leave you with an appetite worthy of a hearty meal back home at Khanabadosh.

Day Three
A little exploring is in order today. Wander over to the Reserve Forest Sanctuary. A naturalist guided hike will allow you to fully enjoy the myriad of rare wildflowers. Hiking here will provide another opportunity for breathing in that crisp fall air and will leave you with an appetite worthy of Pen’s delightful hamper. Spend the afternoon visiting the hamlets around. The leisurely pace of our little villages will charm you. Come back by early evening and sit by the fire for a bit, share a bottle of wine, if you’d like. Tell us what you’d like to eat and post dinner, have a steaming mug of coffee under a canopy of brilliant stars.

Day Four
A visit to Mashobra is incomplete without time spent hiking up to Shali Tibba. Take a look at our section on ‘ The Trails’ to know more about the hike. The shops that are sprinkled throughout the small villages that you’ll cross, are a delight. Grab a second breakfast of Tea and parathas at any small tea stall for a truly local experience. Once atop the peak, the 360 degree views will leave you stunned.  On your way back stop at a local Farm Market; their freshly pressed apple cider is sure to please with fresh apples, lovely plums, pumpkins and gourds galore. The drive back to Khanabadosh will transport you right back into Pen’s kitchen for an eclectic array of dining choices graciously served in a cozy home environment.

Day Five

A day to explore Kufri and Chail is barely enough and biking the area makes it even more of a challenge to fit it all in, but in the fall with the cooler temperatures, it is the best. The must-do stops are the President’s Retreat in Charabra ( Please don’t trespass. If you land in prison, I have no political contacts to pull you out!!), the Kufri Zoo is popular with kids, lunch at Wildflower Hall;  all done in whatever order you can manage and still get on your  bike and head home before dark. Once back, sit around a fire and celebrate your day and enjoy your dinner. Don’t forget to look up often, or you’ll miss the hundreds of shooting stars.

Day Six

Last chance to select those apples, preserves, jams, juices and cider to take home. Most local shops in Mashobra are brimming with temptations. En route between markets make sure you stop for Lunch at a local dhaba. Almost always, their food is freshly prepared, hot and finger-licking good! One last hike at Shali Tibba ( see our section on ‘The Trails’ for details on the trek, and you will be ready to head back to the warmth and comfort of Khanabadosh. Once back, let us know if you’d like us to organise a candle light dinner for you and your partner or if you’d like to eat under the stars. We’ll be happy to oblige!

Day Seven

We’ll bid you farewell, knowing you will return. Stop in Shimla  for one last gastronomic experience and one last spot of shopping. Scramble down to the Lower Bazaar and try some Doodh-Jalebi! I kid you not, you’ll want to order another helping! Those things are what legends are made of. Head up back to the mall and try some hand made Chinese Shoes. They may not be the prettiest shoes in the market; but for sure are the most long lasting and amazingly comfortable.

Now smile that you had a good holiday. Revel in the fact that you made a friend or two in Khanabadosh and drive safe. Stay blessed.