Beyond the Lotions & Potions..

It all began with the stories for me, and that’s what I want to share with the people who come to stay here with me, at Khanabadosh. Book a half hour story session in advance with us and we’ll get a village elder to sit by the fire in the evening and tell you tales that will warm your heart and bring a smile to your souls! This is a chargeable service.

Beyond the lotions and potions that any host will happily offer you, Khanabadosh attempts to make your vacation truly magical and memorable. It also gently reminds you, that this is a home and not a hotel. Drive in to us, and as often as possible, we’ll clean your car/bike for you.

If you need a sock darned, a button sewn on or a stitch put in a seam, reach out to my man Friday, Chandru for the repair. He sews for love. His service is free. Just give him a thump on the back by way of gratitude!

We have an extensive Library in the house, books bought and collected from all over during Khanabadosh’s varied travels. But we understand how difficult it can become sometimes to decide what to read…fiction or history?  Philosophy or maybe a book on travel? So we’ve made it easy and hopefully some fun for you. Head to the first floor lobby. The table there has a selection of some of my own favourites, albeit covered in brown paper, with a short description on the cover. Try your luck with a ‘Blind Date with a Book’. Who knows, you might end up falling in love!

And oh! Then there’s “The Secret”. For those who wake up in the dead of the night, hungry. Each day at Khanabadosh, we organize a snack or make some cookies and conceal them in someplace accessible. Its location and the fare will change with each sunset. Make sure, you find out what’s on and where. For in the mountains, nightly hunger pangs aren’t uncommon. I’m sure you’d send a prayer my way each time you unravel ‘The Secret’.

Want to go on a little hike and eat along the way? Tell Chandru in advance, and he will put together a small basket of goodies for you. May not be elaborate, but will fill your tummy, and his thoughtfulness will bring a smile to your face. This is a chargeable service.

We have 2 professional mountain bikes (with helmets) for biking enthusiasts. Take them for a spin whenever you want. Just check with us in advance, so your plans don’t clash with another guest’s. 3 Golf bags with clubs are also available for our guests, should they want to head to Naldehra to play a game of golf at one of the most beautiful courses in the country. The 9-hole golf-course, set amidst sloping meadows at an elevation of 2,050 metres above sea level, was designed by Lord Curzon in the 19th century. The flora is impressive, ranging from alpine grass to pine and deodar. Though we don’t charge for the use of these, we do expect guests to look after them as their own. Breakages/damages are chargeable.

If you wish to email us a special message for your loved one, we will happily place it in your room before your arrival. Want a bottle of Champagne for that special occasion? Just tell us in advance and then leave it to us!

If a local fruit is in season, you’ll find some in your room everyday. Take it on your treks, or in your pocket while you head out for a walk. If not for yourself, then for the little kids you’ll invariably find, laughing and playing along the way.