Sometimes the simplest things hold a truckload of magic

Sometimes the simplest things hold a truckload of magic. Blessed are those who are able to see it. I took a video of a bumblebee this morning and sent it, as i often do, to a friend. What i got back from him took my breath away. Sharing it here for all to read. So so beautifully written by my dear friend Rohit Singh 💕

Good morning, 
Said the bumblebee to the flower
Morning, said the flower
Droopy and sullen
What makes you sad my lovely,
Asked the buzzing bee 
‘Tis as beautiful 
As a morning could ever be
I want to see the world,
The flower said,
I want to be free
I’m chained to this plant,
While you’re born free
Deep inside the flower,
The bee flew
Planting a comforting kiss,
She said
I wander alright,
But I seek only you,
My love,
And I keep coming back
To you
My crowning glory
My Prince
You keep me moored,
Draw me close
Time stands still,
When we make love
And with your pollen,
You’re created anew
Resurrected !
The bee said
As she flew
Into the warm embrace
Of the majestic flower
Kissing deep
To make love
One more time …..


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