One Day Stands

Khanabadosh introduces ‘ONE NIGHT DAY STANDS’.

Here’s how it works. Have you ever been attracted by/ been inquisitive about a place you often cross by…or have heard about? A place that falls en-route your daily commute…or someplace near where you are visiting? Like a resort, or a private villa. A quaint place in idyllic setting. BUT…either that glaring ‘PRIVATE’ signboard or knowledge that it would be just guests on the property, who’d be welcome, discourages…even snubs, the child inside you, who wants to peek in—may be even walk in through the wicket gate, explore and possibly make friends.

It’s that child inside you, that we are welcoming.

Khanabadosh—is my home. It’s also a homestay. I’m opening it out further, to anyone who just wants to spend a day at leisure. Like, hanging out at a friend’s place. So, if you are travelling through/ near Mashobra…or are visiting Shimla or there-around…or are even a local residing in/ near Shimla—and you feel like taking a day off, in a nice laid back joint that serves tea and cookies on the house…even cooks a meal if you place an order (that’s chargeable)—walk right in.

For a very minimal charge, you’d have access to the library, the living room, the sit-out and of course the quintessential Wi-Fi. In addition feel free to exploit our local knowledge of the surroundings, to go to nooks and trails, you otherwise wouldn’t even have known existed. In other words, you’d be treated just like guests staying on the property…only you won’t be staying here. Try it. Give us a call. We are positive; it’d be a string of ‘one day stands’ at Khanabadosh thereafter.