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Khanabadosh - Boutique Homestay by Geetika

Ever visited some place, where you felt you belonged? Where you breathed easy and your mind became quiet…where you instantly saw beauty in everything you looked at, not because it was there…but because you were never more, in the now. Didn’t the thought to someday live there for a stretch of time, cross your mind? It crossed mine. So I decided to live the thought and put a foundation under proverbial castles…to have a place of my own, in all such places. A beautiful, luxurious, modern place—in soulful touch with the local earthiness. I waved goodbye to a plush corporate job; gave up on the car, the house, the big-city and a lot of other stuff, I’d called life. So I reset life, KHANABADOSH was born and I became the person who carries her home on her shoulders. First stop Mashobra. I love the mountains—the magical quality of mountain air that coaxes you to chug, not sip; the slow pace—of your feet, heart and soul; the need to stop ever so often to gaze amazed, hear in awe or smell in rousing. If you too share my passion, consider this an invite to stay at a beautiful place—my home. Discover…explore from its comfortable warmth…eat what I cook for you or feel free to cook for yourself. Get your pets if they’d be comfortable (and allow others to be). Listen to folklore from local story-tellers, while you secretly marvel at the intricate network of veins on their hands and openly laugh accompanying their toothless smiles. Children, women, men of all ages, colour, religion or sexual orientation are welcome. Artists, writers, poets and people who appreciate their skills will especially rejoice. You’d want to return, for sure. Here, in Mashobra or who knows where. For, Khanabadosh will surely move when it needs to as it’s blissfully oblivious of boundaries and gleefully aware of soul-stirring places.