The Experience

You could just stay here…unwind…sleep…meditate…eat…read…paint…write…sketch…dream…laugh…make love…fall in love…find yourself. The possibilities endless, the choices yours. If however, you need a little guidance in moving around, my staff and I shall be very happy to assist. Say, you feel like discovering a beautiful trail (there are plenty here)…just say it and one of us will accompany you, till where you want. I’ll go, if no one else is available.

In addition to village walks and trail excursions, we are also happy to provide mountain bikes if that’s your preferred mode of discovery. We have 2 professional mountain bikes at the moment and our only request to our guests, is to wear a helmet while riding. Your safety, is our priority.

Similarly, we have Yoga mats and day beds for the garden. Please feel free to ask for one any time of the day. Yoga by the huge Stone Buddha in the garden can do as much, if not more, for your soul, as it would for your body. The garden at Khanabadosh has 2 machans overlooking a beautiful apple orchard and the valley just ahead.

Nothing like a crackling fire late in the evening…the aromas from the kitchen tantalizing…the laughter with friends unforgettable…the fire-gazing theraupetic..the star-gazing magical. I have a fire cauldron, to get that cheerful fire going. Make use of it…every evening if you want to. Just let us know in advance as we need to procure the wood.

Actually, there’s a whole host of things to do here, some common, some crazy – we have taken the liberty of listing down a few!

K – Hearing rain, drum corrugated metal and watch it drop in endless shimmering strings.
K – Running into bright orange—very ripe wild berries, on a random trail.
K – Standing at the bandstand, counting the number of ridge-lines seen on a clear day.
K – Licking salt off the ice-skating rink. There isn’t a law against this yet!
K – Getting mesmerised by the depth of red of the rhododendrons.
K – Listening intently to the spooky whispering of pines at night.
K – Polishing off ‘chana-bhatura’ in Lower Bazar.
K – Laughing out loud, getting scared and losing patience all at once—courtesy ‘monkey business’ at the beautiful Jakhoo Temple.
K – Getting goose-bumped while passing by Oakover Cemetery late at night.
K – Eagle watching atop Hatu Peak.
K – Hyperventilating on crisp mountain air.
K – Getting off the toy train…scrambling up the hill side…then getting back on, by the next switch-back.
K – Watching the ‘langurs’ chastise their young ones.
K – Walking the Mall, a spicy ‘chana-mix pudiya’ in hand.
K – Ogling at the hand-made Chinese shoes, while frowning at trying to pronounce correctly, the owners’ name.
K – Eagerly awaiting a ‘white-christmas’!
K – Indulging in home-made plum/ apple/ cherry jams.
K – Eavesdropping on ‘intellectual banter’, in quaint coffee shops.
K – Feeling buoyant, watching the fashion-savvy youth zip by.
K – Sitting atop a vantage point, the city lights at your feet.
K – Getting invited for a Himachali ‘Dham’!!!
K – Catching the first snow-flakes on the tongue.