Khanabadosh Kares




Through this unprecedented time, we have received the most heartwarming messages and calls from our guests and friends, asking how we were doing and if we needed anything. Some sent us boxes of immunity boosting tea, while others sent us books and treats for the dogs. The love and warmth behind the thought kept us going and reaffirmed our faith in what we were doing, and how we were doing it. So a big thank you to all those who kept us in their thoughts.

This is an ever changing situation and as we all steer through this unique crisis, our first thought and concern remains keeping those that make us who we are safe and well – our guests, staff and friends. Even though we are a small Bed & Breakfast, we are committed to the safety and wellbeing of every single person who steps in through our doors and we wish to reassure you of the assiduity of our path. 

In an effort to keep the virus from spreading and in accordance with advise from health and Government  authorities, here’s what we are doing to keep you protected:

  • If you have any symptoms of Covid -19 or feel unwell, we request that you put off travel till you feel better again. Your booking is safe and will be moved ahead to a date of your choosing.
  • We understand that travel plans are being significantly disrupted and till this unprecedented crisis remains, we have put in place a ’no advance’ needed policy.
  • We want to help as much as we can so we have changed our cancellation policy and it now stands at 24 hours. If you do fall ill and need to cancel your visit within the 24 hour period we will move your booking to a more appropriate time in the interest of being more flexible.
  • A Guest Self Declaration form will be sent to you via email and will need to be returned to us filled and signed to confirm the booking.
  • It is mandatory for all guests to download the Arogya Setu app on their phones or tablets.
  • the welcomes at Khanabadosh have been written about in many guest reviews. Handshakes and hugs that greet our guests upon arrival have always instantly made them feel at home. However, keeping your safety in mind, we will extend a warm welcome to you, but with no physical contact.
  • On arrival, your temperature will be checked and recorded by our trained staff using a no-touch digital thermometer.
  • Your luggage and bags will be sanitised and wiped down before we bring them into the property. This might take a little while and we request you to allow us that time.
  • The staff will apprise you of sanitisers that have been placed throughout the property for your use.
  • We are committed to sanitising all touched surfaces like door handles, restrooms, dining area and library regularly through the day. Also, each room will undergo deep cleaning and sanitising on every changeover.
  • We use only ISO certified cleaning liquids and equipment.
  • The staff will maintain a 2-meter distance from all guests as much as possible as per the guidelines given by the Government.
  • The temperature of every staff member is checked twice a day and they are committed to washing their hands thoroughly every hour.
  • Our amenities trays have been loved by our guests and we are all set to enhance them further with masks, hand sanitisers and gloves for all guests.
  • Information about the nearest hospital, pharmacy and available doctors will form a part of every Guest Kit.

We miss you and miss having you here, your cheer and smiles lighting up Khanabadosh. Some of you have inquired after our staff and we want to give a huge virtual hug to you for displaying such compassion and kindness. The staff are all here, toiling through each day, preparing the property for you. We haven’t removed anyone – infact, last month we increased salaries by 10% as we are cognisant of the struggles of other earning members in their families. It was the least that we could do in return for their loyalty and unwavering support.

We believe that you will be able to travel again. We believe that the house will be filled with laughter and music and wafting aromas from our kitchen in the very near future. We believe that you will feel the cool wind of our mountains on your face soon. And when all of that happens, rest assured that your friends at Khanabadosh will be waiting eagerly for you, our home and hearts open and welcoming. We’re just an email/phone call away for any queries that you may have. Till then, stay well, keep safe and pay your blessings forward to those that are not as fortunate.