The Area

The juxtaposition of dull stone and sparkling glass, brings a sense of completeness to Khanabadosh, Mashobra. Attired in a modern demeanour, this place has its soul deeply rooted in tradition. Khanabadosh is committed to rain water harvesting. Our constant endeavour, to be completely independent of the municipal water supply, has finally borne fruit! For the moment, the bathrooms and the plants consume harvested water. We’ve also begun to take baby steps in the direction of tapping solar power – steps, that reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. We’ve got a thriving worm-compost pit going. You could pitch in and simply segregate waste generated by you as requested and feel good that, the almost-hurtful-to-the-eye-green of the plants at Khanabadosh, is partly because of you. Eco-conscious visitors to Khanabadosh shall be pestered for more ideas!

Khanabadosh has 4 well appointed beautiful rooms with ensuite bathrooms for guests. In addition there is a sprawling living room and a spacious kitchen. We have a very well populated Library, should the bookworm in you raise its head. This by the way is where Khanabadosh resides…if not physically, then in spirit. Loads of books here…a smorgasbord of themes. We love to read. If you do too, you won’t be disappointed.

The hearth at Khanabadosh is as warm as its heart. Breakfast is included in the tariff. We have an in-house cook for regular meals. But you are more than welcome to pitch in or cook completely solo. We cook too. And on prior intimation, we could serve you with authentic Himachali and/ or Kashmiri cuisine. And of course, the tandoor at Khanabadosh always looks forward to lure your palate. We can cater easily to 10 people

This aside, there’s a largish, beautiful green piece of land, running along on one side of the property. A giant Buddha in stone, overlooks this green patch…almost beckoning you to get the Yoga mat out…or just sit, meditate or sleep in the strategically placed deck chairs. There’s a courtyard too. Excellent to sit late in the evenings…by the fire cauldron cradling embers with dancing flames atop. A perfect setting, in Paul McCartney’s words, to “take a sip, see the world through a glass and speculate about the cosmic solution.”



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