Doing our bit

Not all days are the same, even in paradise – some are more special than others. Today was one such day. For long did I pride myself in the land of the Gods and how this blessed region fed one and all from its bounty. The nutrition packed vegetables and fruits that grew in abundance throughout the year werebthe staple source of both livelihood and food for everyone in the village. But the dark clouds of the pandemic spared none. The strict regulations on movement and restrictions on work and labour have left the hand that feeds clutching at straws and thin air. The cherubic smiles on the kids and the bounce in the locals villagers gait had been replaced by desperation and depravity never seen in these parts. With no revenue from the fields and soaring prices, even basic sustenance was in peril.
The village pradhan who normally was an astute and iron fisted administrator, sat before me, despair dripping from her otherwise bright eyes . Her words slowly pierced my soul as I knew her pain only too well. I knew this hardship only too well, and recognized what it meant when pride and spirit were crushed by want and squalor.
Khanabadosh as I always say is like a sponge which absorbs everything from the locale it is based in – be it cuisine ,culture, music and most importantly the smiles and happiness which radiate so easily from these simple hill folk. I would not abandon my village for KBD owed so much to this beautiful little hamlet that had welcome us 3 years back with open arms and generous hearts.I would squeeze the sponge to the last drop to repay the immense debt of peace and joy I owed to these beautiful fellow residents.
Khanabadosh has vowed to support as many underprivileged families in the village as is possible, with no external funding or contribution. Today was the fourth round of three months of rations, condiments and staples being distributed to 35 families, taking the total number of families supported upto 90. The gratitude in the eyes of these proud people was overwhelming and was worth every penny that we spent.
As we encourage everyone to pay their blessings forward, we wish you all happy and safe times ahead. Have a great Sunday folks – ours couldn’t have been better!