Six Mountain Gateways for Runner : NATGEOTRAVELLER.IN

A few weeks back we had posted about some of the finest triathletes training at Khanabadosh for upcoming marathons and the Ironman events in Vietnam, Sweden and Malaysia. We were delighted to hear back from them that each one had done their personal best and clocked some of the best timings for Indians at the said events. Kudos!

Their training here involved running the most captivating trails and cycling strenuous but picturesque routes. If you are a runner and enjoy running unusual mountain trails, Mashobra is the place for you. With clean mountain air filling your lungs, these trails take on a magical quality as you run past magical waterfalls, spectacular valleys and quaint villages. Old wooden homes are a welcoming sight with smoke bellowing from well used chimneys. There are some great cycling routes here too (Mashobra – Tattapani and Mashobra – Narkanda). We had customised food and the package for them and it was a pleasant surprise indeed when we found mention of it in Nat Geo Traveller as part of a piece on the best mountain getaways for runners in India.

If you are a runner, cyclist or someone striving to meet your fitness goals, give us a call and we will happily customise a package for you. Run through our magical forests and feel the difference for yourself!


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