It’s been an amazing day today!

It’s been an amazing day today! After an endless wait for at least one snow-fall this season, most of us had finally given up hope. (Secretly, I hadn’t) Yesterday being Basant Panchami though–the harbinger of spring– kind of nailed the final ominous plank into any such childish, wishful whims of mine.
However, last evening the weather people hinted at the contrary and yet again kindled a glimmer in my poor heart. And even though the morning dawned brightly cloudless, I had a feeling it just might. So by late afternoon, having developed a slight strain in my neck with the constant gazing at the sky, I went inside for lunch. I think the snow Gods were waiting just for that. 

Just as I was eating…I sensed it had gotten dark and that a peculiar silence had descended.

When you stay in a place long enough, your sub-conscious takes mental note of sounds from your surroundings at different times of the day, in different seasons of the year… even, the sounds of quiet and solitude.

The quality of silence was unique.

In an instant, I knew why. It was snowing. Thick, soft, endlessly streaming flakes of pure white. Snow-fall lends a dreamy texture to your environment, within and without. Like life in slow-motion. But, an abundant life. For in no time, the roofs till where I could see, were covered. The ground and the road, covered. The trees, drooping and laden. The gate, the grill, the cars, plants…even the wires from the electric pole, as if, someone had carefully and very precariously balanced just the right amount of snow atop. Like an indulging executive chef, in his element.

The dogs seemed as eager to get out as myself. Surprisingly, it wasn’t very cold…or may be cheer deep within generates warmth. In no time, we left a paws & feet trail on virgin snow…that led to the forest trail nearby. 

It’s amazing how soft, freshly fallen snow transforms everything. The trail looked so familiar, yet foreign, yet beautiful. The silence so tranquil…broken by the intermittent plop, of snow-lumps falling off deodhar branches. It had stopped snowing now. I could hear bird calls…that incessant magical long frequently changing melody…the Himalayan Forest Thrush? May be…I need to find more about birds of this region.

Finally, the dogs got cold. And I was nudged back to reality and home. Adrak Chai beckoned. The joy inside, brimming. Hope floats sometimes, on softly drifting snow flakes.

Come over, let the snow cast a spell on you, allow us to warm you with our hospitality and adrak chai 😍😊


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