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  • The rivalry

    The rivalry

    I was often a reluctant witness to a rivalry that had been simmering for the past few years but had now come to a boil, festering egos with vicious rage. It was clear that in this battle, there would be only one winner and the loser probably wouldnt walk again. Many days and nights they would goad and probe each others defences, their sabre rattling keeping the whole village awake. They would howl and growl […]

  • A little puppy’s mind!

    A little puppy’s mind!

    What goes through a little puppy’s mind, when he stares at a sunset? Just another blissful evening at Khanabadosh

  • The full moon!

    The full moon!

    This is from day before. We were still reeling from the shock of losing those very dear to us. And like the little village of Purani Koti where we lived, we went to bed early. Overcast skies and gusty bone chilling winds pierced the night scape. Shimla had just been designated as an orange zone with a few cases of the Corona virus being reported. It was on a melancholic note that we turned in […]

  • High tea at Khanabadosh!

    High tea at Khanabadosh!

    The afternoon tea indulgence at Khanabadosh is a sublime blend of curated decadence and rustic frolic. The range of teas and immunity boosting tisanes pander equally to the health and fitness conscious,the regular kadak chai enthisiasts and the stiff upper lip high tea aficionados like many of my guests and friends. The tea tray is pretty much a reflection of Khanabadosh. Finger sandwiches made with home made bread and with a variety of fillings, jam […]

  • Games people play!

    Games people play!

    Often an evening at KBD can be a time travel experience around the world albeit seated comfortably in your easy chairs or around a warm fire. As we showcase Khanabadosh to the world, we also like to bring the world to Khanabadosh. Many a story lies buried in the memorabilia and souveniers that adorn the KBD chambers like ancient secrets in a crypt waiting to be discovered. Amongst the glorious cross bottles and teapots that […]