The Rains!

Sometimes it seems like you have to wait for half a hundred years till the cheerful rustic turns magical again, but turn it does, for sure.

9 long months of inimical seasons with their sleet, snow, heat and freaky weather give way to level rainstorms that smite the mighty deodars, the vast mountain slopes and wise old mud houses alike, and sudden gusts of delinquent wind blow inside-out, the tails of unsuspecting little birds, like errant umbrellas. And if these signs weren’t enough hint, then you could always keep an eye out for some others –

~ When the sky is lined with a uniform sheet of dripping, grey-white fluffs of fats clouds, quite like the billowing satin-lined roofs of old musty theatres..
~ When raindrops happily chase each other down ungrudging windows..
~ When the strawberries that you eat now are wild ones that you pick ambling along mountain trails that lead you deeper into your dreams..
~ When the mist appears out of nowhere to wrap its arms around you like a lover, holding you close, blinding you to everything else around you..and you wonder why you didn’t heed the warning that the little breeze whispered in your ear or in the sudden shiver that ran down your spine..
~ When mountain streams appear where none existed just a day earlier, gushing with hope, dancing with little pebbles and daisies along the way..
~ When lonely hillsides get a sudden makeover with sparking waterfalls, that meet and greet it at every turn, on every curve, like old friends..
~ When you have to wave the local bus to a stop, to facilitate a disciplined, but painfully slow trio across the road..
~ When you see revelatory signs in the forest that bear counsel that there blazed a fire the previous night, of 11 pinecones around which sat 13 men, warming their dirty hands and clean hearts and sharing a last laugh before heading home..
~ When you can’t hear the dried leaves under your feet, crackling like the laughter of the little kids who came home so often..
~ When the dogs seem one with the abundant wildflowers..
~ When each day turns into the kind where you secretly dip biscuits in hot steaming cups of tea, race to bring them to your mouth, and fish with spoons for those that won..
~ When freshly bathed leaves dress themselves with diamonds..
~ When the imperious sunset uses your window like a mirror..

If you find yourself confronting any of these signs, know that the Gods have relented and the rains are here


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