Lessons in Friendship

A few weeks back I got a call, inquiring about availability at KBD in the middle of July. As in most cases, I got talking with the voice on the other end. It was a regular call about tariff, amenities, kind of food etc till Paramjit Singh said – I’m coming with my best friends. We want to watch the World Cup finals together!

I knew in an instant that these weren’t the regular travellers that we hosted often. This was a group of 6 guys who had known each other for decades and had a pact that every year they would meet and travel to a new place to spend time with each other – just them, no families. This year they decided that watching the WC was the perfect excuse to meet.

As they walked into my home, one gentle giant after another, on a cool, rainy afternoon, the energy in the house changed instantly. The camaraderie and the good humour was infectious. They had the most effortless laughter I had heard in years and seemed to be the kind of guys who had each others backs through thick and thin yet left no opportunity to poke fun at each other. It was easy to see how they were all so tall – they had pulled each others legs endlessly. Any more, and they wouldn’t fit through the front door!!

They lay bets with each other over the finals, the group divided in two! But when the match finally ended, both sides partied equally hard! There were roars of laughter, foot stomping dancing, sudden bursts of bhangra sprinkled generously with bbuurraaahh’s, all of it of course accompanied by very bad singing!

Till now I was of the opinion that however close your friends are, people always grew apart and forever was an unattainable point. I was happily proven wrong by them. They came from 6 different places – From Dubai to Ludhiana – and from 6 different professions….yet they seemed to belong to the same rank in life. A place where your friends meant the world to you and you didn’t also forget that you owed it to yourself to let your hair down once in a while! It was all very evident when at the dinner table, Aditya had tears in his eyes, when he spoke of what this group meant to him. He had spent 15 years abroad, yet his heart lay amongst the men who sat around my table and looked at each other, the warmth and affection, showing in their gaze.

What marvellous fathers/spouses/colleagues these guys must be, the best lessons coming from their own lives! Cheers to our favourite group of F.R.I.E.N.D.S in the world! May the laughter grow more infectious, may the holidays be more frequent and may the bond only grow stronger!

Thank you for choosing my home to meet up in, but more than that, thank you for reaffirming my faith in old friendships 😊😊


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