The Good Samaritan

Want to do your bit for the environment? There are portions of the forest here, that have been ravaged by people, leaving large patches completely devoid of trees. We will provide you free saplings of local trees suitable to the area, to plant. Do your bit. Help in healing the Earth.

ABHI (Action for Barrier-free Handicapped Integration) is a non-profit NGO which has been functioning in Shimla since 2004, working for the rehabilitation of children with severe mental/physical disabilities. The founding members of ABHI, are professionals in the field of Special education and Rehabilitation, and well equipped to work for the integration of these disadvantaged children into society. ABHI is registered with the State Welfare Department under their Persons with Disabilities Act and has been declared a charitable institution by the Income Tax Department and given 80G clearance.

ABHI co-opts the assistance of volunteers, local clubs like the Rotary and Inner Wheel and spiritual organisations like the Art of Living foundation, in its attempt to integrate the children and their families with society.

Come forward to sponsor a child, to volunteer your expertise and time or donate to this nobel cause. Details can be found on the link below.